Saturday, 16 November 2013

Bexhill on-Sea...

Greetings from the south coast! I was up early on our first morning here with just one thing in mind; a coastal walk. It's quite nice staying with one relative in Bexhill and walking a few miles along the seafront to another one. I'd quite happily do this every day if I lived here.

There were plenty of dog walkers, joggers, couples, tourists, work men having a crafty cup of tea outside one of the promenade cafes. Oh I did envy the dog walkers not having to contend with ploughed fields and the large quantity of mud that comes home with the dogs. Last time I walked along this route there was a group of people doing T'ai Chi outside the De La Warr Pavilion. What a great view they had.

The five hour drive was tiring so we decided to have a leisurely day. Those who wanted to browse the charity shops and antique shops did so and those that didn't drank coffee and read the weekend papers on the balcony of the De La Warr. We all met up there after our bargain hunting by which time it was t shirt weather up there.

The charity shops down here are very well stocked, I'll be going home with a new shirt, cardigan and basket (you can never have too many baskets!). Not to mention an original 1960s fruit basket, which I will photograph at some stage. It might end up on ebay if it doesn't look right at home. The furniture was all pretty interesting but sadly we didn't travel down in a van!


  1. What a beautiful place to visit! I've tried to bring things home tied to the top of my car and my husband just rolls his eyes. Sometimes it's just not meant to be!

  2. tshirt weather in November! oh my. that's the difference between the north and the south................