Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Dogs in crates...

So, the kitchen is far from ready for the new units but hey the rustic look dog beds have been built! Riley gives his royal seal of approval! Note that the dogs are extremely educated, they know which bed to get into (ahem, fluke).

Actually I think they look better in real life. Quite sturdy things but not ridiculously heavy. My contribution was the name plaques. We got lucky with the pallet wood required when M spotted a double one in a skip on his way home from work. M is never shy about asking for things from skips. Luckily he managed to get it in the car. The pallet made both beds with a few small pieces left over.

We will be looking out for another pallet... the cat needs a rustic crate bed now! Currently her favourite sleeping spot is on top of the 3/4 height freezer; out of reach of Riley. So as long as the new bed goes up there with a proper wool blanket inside she will be happy.

I'm thinking of having a bit of fun with her crate wording...maybe 'Pest Control Inc.' or 'Handle with Care' or perhaps just 'The Boss'. Any better ideas anyone?

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  1. ah cute. my cat doesn't deserve a bed. he just left a dead mouse under my bed. and when I crawled under there to get it, I found feathers. mice don't have feathers......................