Thursday, 14 November 2013

Walking companions...

I'm really finding dog walking very therapeutic at the moment. Probably also something to do with the mild weather. We've been out on some very long walks lately and I've been purposely conquering the routes that I've previously avoided. Some are very remote and eerily quiet, some are near horses (neither dog seems bothered or interested in horses but you never know) and some walks are total mud baths for the dogs.

Today we did yesterday's walk backwards. Instead of walking along a clean path to the woods, getting filthy and walking back through ploughed fields (even more filthy) we started off with the ploughed fields, headed to the woods and ended up walking back along a clean path stopping off at a fabulous bit of stream which, as you can see above, you can see the bottom of. A cunningly disguised bath and off we trotted home with the wind providing a partial blow dry. Oh yes, we've got it all worked out now. No need for a cold hose down outside the back door.

Riley isn't as keen on water as Harvey. He seems to think that if you charge through the water very fast then it won't be as cold, he might have a point there. They are both shivering now despite their nice warm beds.

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