Wednesday, 20 November 2013

to swiff or not to swiff that is the question...

I've been having a bit of a break from 'proper' crochet just lately. What with that nasty cold and the house in disarray (ie. the kitchen contents strewn all over the place) my concentration levels have been zilch. This is when I seem to want to just try out new stitches or new techniques that might come in handy later on.

I saw a retro bath mat on my surfing travels on the net somewhere, I forget why I was surfing for bath mats now, it certainly wasn't because we needed one. Anyway, the caption said it was crocheted. Surely not I thought, it looked like a shag pile carpet. I knew it wasn't a rag rug and so began the search for the method used. Eventually I found something that looked like it... a crocheted swiffer sock! I don't think we call them that in the UK, and if we do then I need to get out more.

The PDF is available on The swiffer sock pattern is definitely not the most glamorous, Linda Permann has some great crochet patterns to choose from. She suggests that acrylic is the best yarn to use because it creates static which is good for attracting dust. Judging by the dust that has migrated into every nook and cranny of the house I need to get cracking on these swiffer socks, and therein lies the problem... they are just too nice to stick on the end of my duster mop thing. I'm going to make three or four strips like I've done for the swiffer sock front and sew them together to make a shaggy cushion front.

I've adapted the pattern after a bit of trial and error. For every row you need crochet a row of trebles first and then chain 7 and double crochet around the post.

As for the duster mop covers; I've made two new ones with a torn up flannelette pillow cover rescued from M's unused paint rag bag. Well who wants to spend hours crocheting a mop cover only to get it filthy? Not me.

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