Tuesday, 5 November 2013

One down and three to go...

Yep still looks like a building site. Ah, but there is progress, albeit painfully slow...

That front wall is now plastered! Not only that but it also has a brand new radiator! Woohoo. It's connected to our bedroom radiator so we've not had heating in our bedroom for a week or so and it's been flipping cold.

Mollie is not impressed with this at all. She is quite disturbed that her little food corner is splattered with plaster; this is the view of one of the unfinished wall which is opposite. That's Mollie waiting patiently for her dinner.

Riley turned out to be a not so helpful builder's mate this morning. He stole a tape measure, chisel and packet of plumbing clips and stashed them in his bed. What a magpie! I did try and tell him off but it was difficult to keep a straight face with him lying on top of his little haul.

I did a spot of charity shopping this morning, just to get out of the way for a bit. I came home with some very random purchases. A brand new, still in the packet, navy superking valance for £3.50. It just so happens that we have a superking bed and no valance since M put his foot through ours and ripped it. Don't ask me how. I've always hated valances because they are a bit too close to frills for my liking but this one has simple box pleats at each corner, so not too fussy. What a find, just as we needed one as well.

I added two more pottery mugs to our collection. I go for hand thrown so each one has a character of its own. I try and stick to the matt glazes but sometimes the shiny ones are quite nice too. They were more popular in the 70s so I find them for about 50p.

Lastly, a top by Brora. Quite an expensive make new (I sometimes get their pamphlets in Country Living) but a bargain at £2.50. It's a jersey material, with a thin jade and grey stripe. I'll wear anything as long as it goes with jeans!

I also bought another packet of sugar. The guy doing our plastering takes three in his black coffee! Blurgh.

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