Sunday, 3 November 2013

Breezy, wet weekend waffle...

Aw, Harvey finally decided to let Riley share some sofa time. Note that they are sparkly clean for this thanks to a spot of pebble bottomed river splashing (as opposed to our mud bottomed river).

At the end of our very long garden to one side lives a woodturner. From time to time we find fish carcasses, chicken bones and various bits of pig thrown over his fence into the back field. Apart from attracting rats and goodness knows what else it's a bit of a nuisance for our dogs. Apart from the dubious age of the food, things like chicken bones can be a choking hazard. Harvey has been trained from a puppy to leave it all alone but Riley thinks it's bonus dinner time! This morning I had to wrestle half a pig from his mouth, ok, well I exaggerate a little, but it was a large strip with extremely thick skin on it and hairs still on it, urgh, gross.

We had the coarse plaster applied to fill all the big holes and channels where the new wiring has been fitted. The kitchen really doesn't look all that different hence my lack of kitchen update posts. Once the smooth plaster goes on, which starts on Monday it will begin to look like progress is being made. Once dry we plan to paint everything white and then lay the floor. The thought of having a proper floor that is not bare concrete is pretty exciting. It is a bugger to sweep mud from concrete I can tell you!

So this is how the far wall looks. The new fuse box will be hidden in a wall cupboard. The rather strangely placed double socket is for the microwave and coffee machine.

This pic shows the ceiling rough plastered over where the wall came down. The whole ceiling will be smooth plastered next week too so that will mean removing most of the contents of the kitchen once again. I've lost track of how many times stuff has gone out and come back in again.

The rest of the room looks pretty much the same as these pics. We are having fun deciding where to fit two medium sized dog beds. There's the hall or the kitchen, but I don't really want the two enormous plastic beds we've acquired because they are a bit of an overkill, neither dog needs the space they provide and we will no doubt keep tripping over the darn things. I will show you the ideas we've come up with in my next post. From the sublime to the ridiculous!

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