Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Spring cleaning my photo's...

E thinks it's terrible to store so many photographs on my iPad and she's probably right. I do sometimes forget to delete the photo's that don't get used on my blog and the multiples. I've got a few thousand at the moment and I'm gradually going through them.

This morning I came across some pics from a day out we had in August that I didn't blog about at the time. The date tells me this would have been after the two cricket weeks. I can't imagine how we had any energy left after all that travelling, or that we wanted to do anything other than stay at home but venture out we did, to The Hub in Sleaford. A crafts council gallery.

These visits tend to be a bit bit and miss and if I'm honest are of more interest to me than to M or the children. Luckily our first ever visit here, just M and I, was hugely inspirational to M and he has not been reluctant to go back again and again. I can't remember the name of the travelling exhibition but I know that Lucy Casson's work featured; reclaimed tin figures. Automata in wood and tin, I can't remember who by. It was a sort of fairytale type theme. I really should look it up.

Anyway, on this occasion there seemed to be something for everyone. M was intrigued by this woodwork cabinet (see above). He stood looking at it for quite some time.

E was fascinated by this fabric moth. Some of them featured feathers and plant matter. They were quite large, about the size of your head, so pretty freaky things to be near.

I liked these 'weavings' made with found materials, twigs and cotton. This photo doesn't do it justice at all. The artist painted the twigs which I wasn't sure I liked but the overall effect was quite striking. Had I been exposed to this kind of thing as a child I would most definitely have had a go myself.

I couldn't work out whether this item was crochet, tatting, weaving... It was extremely fine cotton thread. I wish I'd photographed the others in this series too.

...and J was impressed with this curtain swing seat. Boys! He would have liked to have tested it to its limit but I managed to pursuade him not to.

Sleaford presents a little challenge when it comes to eating out. We gave up on this occasion and found a fish and chip shop on the way home. At least I introduced them to some culture for half of the day!

Now back to my Hoover and duster. Inspired by a programme about OCD cleaners I thought it was about time I tackled the builders dust that has settled on every surface throughout the whole house. Luckily I am somewhere in the middle between the OCD cleaners (like my bits and bobs arranged a certain way) and the 'haven't cleaned in a decade' (I give myself a few days off here and there).

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