Sunday, 3 November 2013

Pampered pets...

How cute is Milo? Love the vintage crate look and the matching toy box! Someone is going a bit far here, since when does a dog have that many toys?

I'm going to try and pull off an urban rustic kind of look in our new kitchen so naturally the dog beds will need rethinking. Actually it's more to do with the fact that they are both in huge palstic beds that we were given, suitable for a large Labrador at least, when actually they are just small working spaniels.

Next up is something from, kind of appropriate since we are having an IKEA kitchen...

Harvey will sleep anywhere in anything so I can see him liking this. If you saw them after their woodland walk and swim this afternoon you'd know that this white cupboard would not stay white for long.

The white washed one is featured on a site called The article includes ten DIY dog beds. If we had this design we'd have to use castors with brakes, can you imagine the fun they'd have without brakes!

Last but not least, and my personal favourite for the really ridiculous factor...

On the plus side we could lay our hands on some logs like these, on the down side I can't see Harvey or Riley learning how to climb up a ladder, and there could be arguments over the top bunk of course. (This one is featured on a site called

On the subject of dogs, we received some puppy photo's from Riley's previous owners last night. M was all joked up about their plight and said, 'Crikey, this is like adopting a baby!' It isn't really, not that we'd know but Riley isn't showing any outward signs of being traumatised and he seems pretty happy falling asleep on our laps having his head stroked. They are happy he's found the right kind of home.

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