Monday, 18 November 2013

Making a sequence game...

Well that was the most fun you can have with a pack of cards and a pritt stick!

We played Sequence at the weekend and enjoyed it. I didn't get chance to buy our own before we left so I decided to make one! I knew we had some mini cards from last crhristmas somewhere and I 'borrowed' the cards I put in the children's advent calenders last year. We are using shiny twopences, ten pence pieces and pennies at the moment but I plan to get a cheap set of poker chips when I'm next out and about.

How to make your own Sequence Board Game in three easy steps:

1. Gather two mini packs of cards (they sometimes come in Christmas crackers), two standard sized packs of cards, glue and a large piece of board (I used the back of an old picture frame). You will also need coloured counters, poker chips in three different colours are ideal, about 45 of each.

2. Google the Sequence board layout and stick all the mini cards down on the board accordingly.

3. Learn how to play using the rules on Wikipedia.

You can play individually up to three players or in teams with four or more players as long as the number is even. Dd that make any sense? Having tried both ways I think it's more fun with teams. It will be something new for Christmas when we're all too tired to play Trivial Pursuit!

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