Monday, 11 November 2013

Kitchen update...

Hooray! Plastering is finished! I'm no longer smoking forty a day. Woohoo. No offence to smokers, I'm just one of those people whose throat seems to disagree with smoke of all kinds.

Look at that wall! Isn't that a lovely sight? Especially after looking at bare plasterboard for a month or so. Just a little more drying out time and M and I will begin the big paint job.

In the meantime this is how the room is looking. A few salvaged wall cupboards for food storage. Luckily Harvey and Riley are not the scavenger types. Susie, our black cocker spaniel when we were children would have had any morsel of food, however large or small, quicker than you could say 'chocolate Christmas tree decorations'. Oh yes, that Christmas was a sad one indeed. You can just see the corner of Ella's old lime green bedroom rug. We've been through the green stage and now we have moved on to black. The dogs, to date, haven't mentioned the vile colour of the rug they've inherited.

On the other side you can see my newly refashioned sink. Note that this model does not have a plug hole. The drain is just outside and won't be too much trouble for a while. It was better than having the horror of the old granite sink which wasn't covered up when the plastering was done, let's just say it was beyond saving.

The worst of my cold is over thank goodness, Saturday was not a good day. All that's needed now is a box of tissues nearby and plenty of Redbush tea. Mind you, I sometimes wish I was the type to swig a stiff drink. The therapeutic qualities may help on days like these. It seems we have a full blown school phobia to contend with. Not an easy one.

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  1. the kitchen is looking great. I feel for you dealing with your school phobia situation x