Friday, 16 March 2012

colourful little corners...

I've been thinking about colour a lot lately. Some interesting comments have been left on my 'poll' post. I am replying to these by email in case anyone was wondering why I'm no longer leaving a reply in the comment thread.

*E* has always been particular about colour. From the age of about 3 or so until she was about 8 we had a very long relationship with purple. Yes PURPLE! I gladly obliged with clothing and so on. I was just happy to avoid Barbie pink. Then a few years ago she announced that her new favourite colour was lime green. LIME GREEN for goodness sake!

Unfortunately you can't see just how bright the lime green wall is in her room. These pics were taken on a dull day. It's a wall that's grown on me and thankfully, two years after rollering it on, she still loves it.

Children have that special 'unfiltered' way of producing art, and that also applies to picking out colours so I often ask *E* for advice when I'm choosing wool.  It's usually good advice and far less conservative than my own choice would be.
Though even as a child I was never this colourful! Not exactly sleep inducing this duvet cover! This is Mr Chubbs by the way.

Finally, this is who keeps dogs and little brothers out of her room. More my kind of colour splash to be honest... with a background of lovely natural linen. I hope you liked the peep into *E*s colourful room - it was about as much as I could cover without embrrassing a 14 year old any further. There are posters of the music variety, black hoodies, vans shoes (red), converse high tops (purple)... but that's a whole other post!

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  1. E sounds like my kind of girl. I can't seem to have enough color around me. However I don't wear bright colors very much.