Thursday, 15 March 2012

dreams and schemes and circus crowds...

I took a leaf out of my own book yesterday afternoon, and settled down with a notebook, pencil, crochet reference books, tape measure and wool. Oh and vital ingredient - tea.

I'm getting much better at allowing myself a little time in the day. This hasn't always been the case. I'm one of those people who feel guilty if I sit still in the day. Though finally, I've come to realise that this time is quite valuable if I'm to reclaim a little of the 'me' who got swallowed up being a wife and mother.

I still have dreams and schemes... but I need time away from the crowds to think them through.

My knitted snood is shelved for the moment. I can only knit for 20 minutes on smaller needles (4mm or less) before it gets too painful. Somehow crochet doesn't spark the carpal tunnel off in the same way so I can crochet for hours, thank goodness for crochet!

My granny stripe blanket is also on hold because it's just too upsetting to look at it right now. About 75% of the wool in it was given to me by my Nan so one day when I've finished it I'll have a lovely 'memory' blanket.

The sunflower blanket for *E* is being unpicked and redesigned to incorporate some plainer squares (to speed it up a bit). More on that later.

The table runnner has hit a problem. The ecru cotton a certain shop has stocked for ages, is now suddenly only available in bright white or a muddy unbleached colour. Ecru seems to have been removed from the range. I'm stuck with 15 hexagons in ecru. I made a few hexagons in white and unbleached but they don't look good mixed together so I'm thinking of turning the runner into two circular mats made using 7 hexagons each or a rectangular mat. Neither are particularly appealing. I need to think on.

So, I have a few ideas for cushion covers, a few vague ideas for blankets, some tempting easter projects in magazines (though we're not really big on Easter apart from the chocolate!). I've got a basket of cheerful cotton yarn waiting for the right project. It's just as enjoyable planning the next project as picking up the hook to begin...

...don't you think?

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