Tuesday, 6 March 2012





The sun is out and I've managed to get all our washing processed. The dog has been wading up and down the beck all morning as he is prone to do the minute the sun comes out. The tractors have ploughed the back field. One wet dog plus freshly ploughed field equals... well words fail me.

I've been chucking out dead flowers, saving the pussy willow stems and dried out roses and rose buds. I don't really go in for pot pourri but with a generous sprinkling of Crabtree and Evelyn room spray this seemed to be a good way to upcycle something that still has lovely deep red, pink and yellow hues.

The cat is unimpressed with the state of the dog. He smells like the bottom of a stagnant pond and looks like he was pulled out of one. Despite his best efforts I am still a dog person rather than a cat one, but this morning I thought she looked rather cute curled up in the warmth of the sunlounge so I 'instagrammed' her!

Still on the subject of wildlife, our ducks have returned! We can't be sure whether it's the same pair every year but they usually appear round about March and sometime later we'll have a whole raft of ducklings! Sadly, the pair start off with about 12 or so and by the time they are on their way they usually have about 5 or less. Foxes perhaps? Actually the photo needs some explanation... the ducks are the tiny blobs on the top of the grassy bank - I didn't want to get any closer because they looked peaceful snoozing in the sun!

After all the washing and housework this morning I did a little reclining myself (before the peace was totally shattered by the return of two fast growing children who say 'mum?' far too often). Yes, I reclined with crochet hook in hand and the most chunkiest of chunky wools (ok superchunky then) and whipped up a cowl in less than an hour. More about that later - I need to bribe one of the children into modelling it for me!

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