Saturday, 17 March 2012

yarn calling...

I was doing a spot of spring cleaning in my knitting cupboard this morning, hoping that some yarn would jump out at me and say, 'Hey there, I'm your next crochet project!' Those of you who regularly find themselves resorting their yarn stash will know exactly what I mean!

Nothing jumped out but this little lady turned up! She was tucked away in my dk box. Poor wee thing has been there for several years! She's an impkins doll. I don't know much about them except that they seem to be exclusively made for the purpose of dressing in knitted items.

*E* was small when I ordered her online (I forget where from) along with a pattern booklet. I had grand plans of knitting up each and every one of the outfits...

...and making a cute little suitcase so that she had the ultimate small scale, easy to cart about, doll with an outfit for every occasion. I slightly overlooked the fact that the needle size was likely to be quite small.

I had carpal tunnel problems before I learnt to knit, and with hindsight, if I'd understood what the problem was better I would never have picked up the needles in the first place. I've been wearing these lovely creations every night for quite some years (not sexy I know).

I went from hardly being able to knit at all to being able to knit for half an hour to an hour a day depending on the size of the needles.

Now that I can crochet and have relatively few wrist problems associated with that I still need the wrist supports through the night; as 'carpal tunnellers' will know - you lose the feeling in your arms when the wrists curl up in the night.

Anyway, I've waffled on a bit here - the small needles proved too much for the impkin doll to have a comprehensive wardrobe so she's stuck with her Dr Seuss style gillet and hillbilly dungarees. Cool or what? *E* wasn't so impressed. Maybe she'll take up where I left off one day; she can knit but it's not high on her list of enjoyable things to do. Kids eh?


  1. it's funny what projects we think we'll do and never actually do! interested about your carpal tunnel, I've noticed my wrists being achey a little lately and in true normal style have totally ignored it.... no thats not totally true I took some vitamins, that will help surely....

  2. I know exactly what you mean about the yarn. I have several baskets that are my "staging" spots, I guess. I arrange them and re-arrange.

    I have carpal problems sometimes...mainly when I am crocheting for hours upon hours. Maybe I should get some of those supports?
    That little critter is cute. I would just pop her back in the box and wait until E is older. You never know what she may get into in the future.