Friday, 2 March 2012

to the sea...

We all needed some fresh air today, some wide open space, room to breathe, stroll, remember, get over the sad events of yesterday (the reason we are down in Sussex). The beach seemed like a healing place to go.

It's one big natural playground. The dog headed straight for the sea, pointlessly chasing after the flat pebbles we were skimming. The children balanced on sea-worn breakwaters. We looked for pebbles with holes in. We found heart shaped shells.

With the dog wrapped up in a duvet (he really feels the cold after a swim in winter, who wouldn't?) we headed for a cafe I'd read about in Coast magazine.

Read all about Aardvark here. I love the letterpress manifesto's! I used to be a graphic designer so I can't justify spending money on posters I could produce myself, though it is tempting to buy one of each - I could never decide between them!

The cafe staff were very friendly. Though the children were slightly unimpressed with the 'no mobiles, ipods or ipads' rule. Now that they have ipods they look for 'free wifi' wherever we go! However, if you like lo-tech and vintage/retro style you'll like this little cafe.

Meanwhile, I'm logging these fantastic colours in a lo-tech way (memory) and high-tech way (ipod) for future reference. I can see a crocheted 'Sussex Pebble Beach Blanket' in the not too distant future!

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  1. the beach really does have healing powers xxx take care.