Monday, 26 March 2012

cutting and pasting...

This blanket is taking a while to come together (do you like my virtual cut and paste pinboard?) I've made a decision to do hexagons. I've made a decision on the wool weight (aran, because 5-6mm hook size is more comfortable for my wrist and it'll grow quicker). I've been hunting high and low for the right yarn colours; thank you Deramores for the most user-friendly website possible. However, the toffee, mustard and wheat tones (top right in the pebble pic) are proving problematic.

I've taken the plunge and ordered some of these colours in 400g balls. Along with my existing stock of dappled grey, flecked off white and 50p ball of tweedy mustard, plus any yarn that I come across whilst the project is on the go... I think I'll have more than enough to create the effect I'm after. I'm also toying with the idea of doing some of the hexagons in two similar tones with the darker shade for the last round of trebles to create a sort of shadow, 3D effect... you can see I've been trying it out in this pic - the dark grey, mustard and off white hexagons are all in two tones.

I'm sticking to yarn with a wool content rather than 100% acrylic but I'm disappointed that it can't be 100% wool. This is for two reasons: 1. I can't find 100% wool in the right colours and 2. when I find some of the right colours they are in 50g balls at a cost that would require a second mortgage to make a blanket with. I probably need to think about owning sheep and spinning my own in the future!

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  1. it's going to be soooo lovely. and I am utterly inpressed with your postcards that you've made, brilliant