Saturday, 10 March 2012

in praise of pomelo's...

It's nice to know that you can get to the big old four - o in life and not know what a pomelo is. At twenty I thought I'd know all I needed to know by the time I was forty. How wrong can you be?!

Mr H is a bit of a 'foodie' as they call them now. He has as many cook books as I have knitting books (I'm working on the crochet side of things). He loves markets that sell weird and wonderful things from far off lands. Leicester is one of his favourites if he's working in that neck of the woods. He loves to chat to the stallholders and find out about such things.

I'm not such a fan of markets, or market banter but some of the new discoveries are worth hanging about and kicking my heels for. Just recently he picked up this honey pomelo and was told it was 'a chinese orange, just like orange in taste, but sweeter'. The stall holder had obviously never tried one.

It's lucky we all like grapefruit. It tastes just like one bit slightly less bitter. In fact I have looked it up and learnt that a grapefruit is a hybrid of a pomelo and an orange. I should have put something in the photo for scale purposes. If you're not familiar with this fruit - it's the size of a gala melon, roughly. Enough to feed four...

...and enough pith left over to feel another family of four. The pith is very thick.

Markets just got more interesting.

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