Thursday, 15 March 2012

a fun poll...

I've been wanting to try out the fun 'poll' feature. I know I don't have a huge readership but I'm very grateful for the readers I do have. Thank you all. I've had such lovely positive comments.

I've been researching my next crochet project (see previous post) and looking at all kinds of sources for inspiration. There's so much colour inspiration out there if you like the explosion in a candy store style. There's not quite so much in naturals which makes me wonder if the world has gone colour crazy... hence the poll.

When the children were small I kept the colourful stuff in their rooms. The older *E* got the more she bemoaned the lack of bright colours elsewhere in the house. For a while I opened my mind to colour. It has been a journey... not a deep and meaningful subject you might think but something I felt I wanted to reconcile in my mind at least.

My conclusion is that I'm not and probably never will be that person who wants everything to be bright and colourful. I love looking at colourful blogs and admire the bright crochet blankets. I can cope with splashes of colour as long as the backdrop is natural or neutral.

I've also concluded that colour is a personal thing and it's probably best to stay true to yourself in that respect. I think that's where our house style is headed. *E* has a lovely bedroom which is always a joy to walk into but I wouldn't want the whole house to be that bright... I'll give you a sneak peek of her room sometime. The rest of the house is my domain - if I left it to the man of the house we'd be swamped with all things orange! Argh!


  1. neutral wins everytime for me. love bright colours but dont want to live with them or wear them.

  2. I have always worn and surrounded myself with neutrals, and have always been big on black. Then I discovered a blog where brights are celebrated, and was intrigued enough to dip my toe a little. Now I cannot get enough colour. My mood has improved, my optimism has returned, and the joy I get when I crochet a scarf in colours that would previously have made me shudder is out of all proportion. I feel as though colour has lifted me from my slough of despond. Which is not to say that I will never go back to neutrals, I don't know, but for the moment I just want to roll around in great pools of colour. It's better than prozac, anyway.

  3. Your blog is so so so beautiful!!!!! I am a 'brights' girl but in saying that, aside from our kitchen, all of the walls are actually white with the slightest birds egg blue. I do like both but for making I usually go for bright splashes of colour - when it comes to furniture though - natural pale wood all the way. Lots of love, Kate (from greedyforcolour) xxooxx.