Sunday, 18 March 2012

a lush mother's day...

Hope all you Mum's were well and truly spoilt today. It was a tough day for mine, she's just lost her Mum. We both had a laugh and a cry yesterday and both felt a little better for it.

*E* was philosophical this year and put it to me that since she'd 'aced' last year and bought me gifts that were absolutely perfect for me (they were) this year I would have to tell her what I would like!

I told her that it was cheesy but I'd really like the classic chocs and smellies (in the UK bubble bath, shower gel etc. are sometimes collectively known as 'smellies'. I'm really not sure if that applies overseas, perhaps someone could enlighten me?).

So chocs and smellies are what they carefully chose. *E* chose the 'Grass Shower Gel'. This is one of my favourite smells and Lush have managed to create a gel that you'd actually want to wash in. Clever. *J* chose the 'Sweetie Pie' gel stuff that looks like purple slime with glitter in. It smells wonderful. I can just see him dipping his hands into the sample dish and saying in a delighted voice, 'Mummy would really like this Dad' (meaning this is so cool we've got to buy it!)

The 'Tulip Bath Wand' is also very clever, you swish it under water until you have the desired level of bubbles and then leave it to one side to dry for the next bath. There's nothing I like better than a soak in the bath or special shower gel.

You can just make out the fabric it came wrapped in. *E* said, 'I made Dad buy that because I know you think wrapping paper isn't eco'. How well my daughter knows me!