Friday, 9 March 2012

World Book Day...

For a good looking kid, my boy sure does make a good nerd! I had my reservations about the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books when he first started reading them; not exactly proper literature, but he's a reluctant reader when there's other things on offer... like sport or PS3.

Every year this dressing up day costs a fortune. This year we managed to get by with just orange hair dye (£4), punched out sunglasses (£2) and nerdy patterned socks (£1.50). Freckles courtesy of Berol felt pens. Checked shirt and American baseball t-shirt he already owned. Slightly too short jeans? Not a problem I told him, all your jeans are too short because you grow faster than I can buy them.

On the subject of books, this time last year I was on a reading binge and had read 22 books in as many weeks. My reading habit ebbs and flows; at the moment it's slow!


  1. wimpy kid is a big hit here. I sent a vampire and where's wally to school. cost - 1 cardigan I will never get back from daughter, 1 hat I had to knit on demand.....

  2. He may regret that photo by the age of 21!
    I too am an avid reader but have been a little off at the moment....I think it may be my obsession with crocheting and the fact that now I need glasses so lying in bed to read is just not as comfy anymore. :)