Monday, 5 March 2012

a cold, muddy walk...

I do like Instagram! Have I said that before? Sorry. This photo would have taken a lot of faffing about on PhotoShop in my day as a Graphic Designer (we're talking 15 years ago). A quick click or two and voila! Good enough for blogging anyway.

We're home from the sunny South of England to the cold North once more (just a hint of bias there!). Temperatures of 13 or 14 degrees have been replaced by a miserable -1. My thin linen shirts are in the wash and my dog walking jumper is in use once more.

Hotel breakfasts need walking off! Harvey and I have a favourite walk - it's the biggest 'loop' and requires the least amount of walking on the lead and most amount of space and time off the lead. When you reach the trees in this photo you reach the second of five muddy fields; the footpath goes through all of them diagonally.

As all of my Springers have done in the past, Harvey runs off at 100 miles an hour and returns briefly but often to check I'm still there. I love this about Springers. Here he is zooming off like a Greyhound...

...and here he is coming back to tell me what fun he's having!

Unfortunately we take home quite a lot of the field with us, on boots and in fur. When Springers evolve into short-haired, short-eared spaniels they will be the perfect breed!

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  1. one of the best things about going away is the coming home x
    even with the mud and cold!