Wednesday, 28 March 2012

freshly mown grass...

This is where I did my pondering and crocheting this morning. Just one vital change from yesterday - an old rug under foot. Catches dropped crochet hooks nicely thank you.

I was thinking back to when I started crochet and how I believed it was best to crochet in cotton. I also believed it was the least splitty yarn to work with (not necessarily true). It is nice to work with though so I had a little peek in my cotton basket. Eek, I'm so easily distracted once a current project is all planned and under way!

That little peek, coupled with thoughts of Spring and a fascination for popcorn stitch led to the creation of a little square that reminds me of blossom...

I realise it's a humble offering (aimed at beginners) but I thought I'd post the patten for this blossom square tomorrow and then try and post some simple squares from time to time and somehow stick 'em in the sidebar with vaguely representative names. I had high hopes of posting the pattern for the blossom square today until I realised that it takes a while to redo something you did whilst daydreaming about freshly mown grass.

When I first learnt how to crochet I was hungry for squares, motifs, blocks or whatever you prefer to call them. I still dream about coming across the ultimate book of crochet squares, maybe one for every day of the year, none that require a minute hook size or a degree in advanced hyperbolic crochet!

I'm so happy we have a little role reversal going on in this household. Mr H does all the cooking. Fabulous. I hate cooking. I mow all the grass. Equally fabulous, he hates mowing. So today, not only did I manage to haul the mower out from underneath bikes, badminton nets and diving gear I even managed to start the darn thing after ten pulls with the choke fully on. Mmmmh, first cut of the year and the smell was divine.

I can never fathom why the dog treats the hoover with a lofty contempt but gives the mower a piece of his mind... he runs alongside it barking furiously. In true chicken style he drops down into the stream if I get too close. Hence mowing the grass equals wet muddy dog...

'What do you mean my paws are too muddy to come in?'

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  1. Hi what a lovely blog you have. I to enjoying mowing the grass but I still have to cook also.