Monday, 12 March 2012

cosy crochet afternoon...

When the sunny forecast failed to materialise this morning I speeded up my housework. Think Usain Bolt with a hoover. I shelved any thoughts of gardening as it's just so soggy out there at the moment. Instead I took all my WIP's through to the sunlounge, made a cup of tea and took over the entire space for the afternoon. Well that was the plan... and you know what happens to the best laid plans.

A text from Mr H to say that he had finished in London early and was already on the train home. Oh well, I had a nice hour while it lasted. I finished all the zig zag rows on the 'me' blanket and started the edging. The edging is following the 'make it up as you go along' method. I'm glad this was only a 'lapghan' (small blanket in English) because I've learnt a few valuable lessons along the way and will share those in a future post.

Part of the housework this morning involved a little feng shui. It's amazing how the wrong layout of chairs, sofa's and flat surfaces can inhibit my creativity. It also affects how we act as a family.

With this new layout; two sofa's opposite each other and the trunk in the middle (it was just an L-shape before with the trunk tucked away down the side of the sofa) I am already joined by Mr H and his iPad and *J* with his homework. *E*, who specialises in leaving small things all over the house is sure to come along any minute now, swing her legs over the end of the sofa, empty her pockets onto the trunk and tell me about her awful day at school.

Go on, try a bit of feng shui!

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  1. My Mum's favorite saying was 'a change is as good as a holiday!' I would come home from school and find all the furniture moved and it was really refreshing. It didn't always work but it sure was fun :)