Sunday, 4 March 2012

Willy Wonka really exists!

We spotted this old fashioned sweet shop in Hastings Old Town on the first day of our trip and craftily saved it as a treat for the last day. With only minor sibling tussles we were able to fulfil the promise yesterday afternoon. Though once inside I wondered whether Mr H had more craftily engineered the treat for himself... he can never resist those toasted coconut sweets!

The children were delighted to discover that 'Willy Wonka sweets really do exist!' and ignored most of the other offerings. Once again I was reminded why I didn't take my photography any further than just a hobby when I felt too shy to ask if it was ok to take a few photo's for my blog (pathetic I know!). These shown here are just the ones I sneaked.

...and these were snapped by *E* in the car on the way home


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