Friday, 30 March 2012

muddy hands...

Some things really haven't changed that much since *E* was very small. There was nothing she liked better than being in the garden, tending her plot, digging, planting, watering, watching, waiting and finally enjoying the results whether they be vegetables or flowers.

We still have her tiny red metal wheelbarrow that she doesn't want to part with, though these days the radio flyer serves as a better one. There's something quite heartwarming about a 14 year old who's into all kinds of music, tweeting, messaging friends, homework, swimming, riding, etc. but still likes having a 'plot' and getting her hands muddy. Currently the sunflowers raided from the bird seed box are doing well, some flowers called 'fairy bouquet' have been started off (proper name Linaria) and two seed trays on the kitchen window sill will eventually need to be potted on (more flowers). Hopefully we'll have some colourful posts in a few months!

Just a short post today... that bloomin' cold I've been trying to ignore turned flu-like today so I'm off for an early night. First evening of the Easter hols too. Mum's can't be ill!

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  1. oh dear, flu like is Not good. hope you are starting to feel better by now xxx if not get yourself down to the doctors, E's antibiotics have worked a treat.