Tuesday, 13 March 2012

crochet puzzle in a packet...

I've been buying Mollie Makes since issue 1 and gathering the cover craft kits in a small basket with our next summer caravan holiday in mind. They are light, portable and have everything you need in one neat packet. Perfect. *E* and I will have a field day.

This month I decided to have a go at making the kit as soon as the magazine arrived in the post. I couldn't resist a crochet kit! I don't like pink and I'm not big on flowers (I may have mentioned these facts before) but I do like to tackle new things.

Boy, this one was a little puzzle in a packet. Not as simple as it looks for a beginner like me. It was a lot easier once I ditched the bendy plastic crochet hook!

After our breezy, foggy, chilly dog walk and pegging out another lot of freshly washed cricket kit I finally sat down and figured out the edging for my granny zig zag blanket. After a marathon 7 rounds of edging I'm quietly pleased with the result, even if it's not going to lie perfectly flat in places. It's for laps not beds so not an issue on this occasion. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)

*J* has agreed to model it for me, well model under it shall we say. I'll have to use the first light of the day tomorrow because my trusty old iPod prefers a hefty dose of light for a good pic and we only have not-so-bright lamps here at the moment due to the main lighting circuit being out of action. This house was built, plumbed in and wired up by a man who bit off more than he could chew shall we say. There are less kind ways to describe this man, but I leave that to Mr H who often does just that while his legs dangle from the attic hatch as he tries to fix the bodged work of this anonymous man.

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