Sunday, 26 February 2012

British Wool naturally...

If the house were on fire I wouldn't think to grab anything but the children and the dog, but I would hope to be wearing my favourite jumper!

I contemplated buying one of these jumpers from a nearby craft centre for quite a while before I actually bought one. They looked kind of unfashionable, rather bulky and the 100% wool would surely itch like crazy?

In the end I bought one with the intention of using it for bonfires in the garden. It was the best £15 I've ever spent on clothing. (They range from £10 sale jumpers to £25 for a man's jumper; dirt cheap and all the colours under the sun to choose from!)

I wear mine...
for bonfires and leaf raking
when the boiler breaks down
when we arrive home after time away and the house is cold
when the sunlounge (which serves as our year round living room) just won't warm up gardening on cool Spring days
evenings outside on caravan holidays
winter walks with the dog

Mr H has one too in rather fetching tweedy browns and greens...

...and because we know a good thing when we see it, *J* and *E* have bonfire jumpers too!
This is *E*'s in a deep plum (the sun washed this photo out a bit) and no photo of *J*'s because it takes a brave person to look for something in his chest of drawers!

So we may not look like the coolest family in the privacy of our own garden but we're certainly the warmest... and if you've ever wondered how warm a sheep feels in it's winter coat, I can confirm that it's 'toasty'.

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  1. Just found one of these sweaters at a second-hand store. Nice and soft!