Wednesday, 29 February 2012

introducing the 'me' blanket...

I've decided on.... a granny zig zag! I had a vague idea that you could zig zag in granny style treble clusters so I googled 'crochet granny zig zag' and variations on that theme, and didn't have much luck. Seems it is more generally known as 'granny ripple' than 'granny zig zag'. It looks more like the latter to me.

It's one of those patterns that looks hideously complicated and off-putting to a beginner but once you've got the foundation row sorted it's even simpler than a granny square! I love the way it is more geometric looking than the other type of ripple (with dc rows, or u.s. sc).


I'm wondering how I'm going to edge this blanket, the row ends look so raggedy! I can see that the danger here is making any edging look like a frill (aaarggghh!).

...and my first row (red) is curling under so that's going to need attention too, so much to learn! These colours are absolutely 'me' so I'm indulging myself in a crochet blanket of my own on the basis that this design needs to be 'mastered' before I make one for someone else! However, poachers are lurking...the children are making appreciative comments, and it's been a while since they did that about woolly projects!


  1. get a really big stick and keep it next to you whilst you are blanketing. any intruders coming to steal blanket or claim ownership can be threatened with stick and load "get off it's mine".
    happens to me with quilts. I had to make a very pink one so that E wouldn't try and lay claims to it.....

  2. Oooh nice I haven't seen this pattern before. Looking forward to the finished blanket. Keep a tight grip on this one...if they're your colours it's your blanket!!....but you know what it's like when your a Mum..............