Saturday, 26 May 2012

candy floss, crazy golf and crayfish salad...

Carpe diem was the motto we woke up with in our heads! Maybe that's not uncommon when UK folk wake up to sunshine! Mr H came up with the idea to have a typical British day trip to the seaside. Woohoo!

Crazy golf was actually fun now that the kids are older and quite good at it. We had a men versus women competition naturally. Ahem, the men won by 7 shots.

My crayfish salad was very tasty, but E's gourmet burger with chunky chips looked superb. The men had ham, egg and chips followed by desserts that were very artistically presented - I forgot to take photo's! All this in a nice little bistro restaurant type place that Mr H and I both skipped work to have lunch in when we first met. We bore the children with an account of that everytime we go there!

I left everyone in the penny arcades while I nipped off to look at the books in a nearby charity shop. I got more for my £3 than everyone else did! I'm not a gambler.

E and J forgot themselves as they sat on a grassy bank chatting with bags of candyfloss in their laps. It was such a heartwarming scene. I like to think they were getting on and not just exchanging insults.

Here's J in the middle of a hedge maze, which was our last stop before home, to put these on the Cobb...

They were delicious! Unfortunately it got a bit chilly outside before they were ready, so we lit the chiminea and toasted our toes...

...which was the end of a perfect day.

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