Monday, 14 May 2012

snapshots of the day...

Lulling the animals to sleep with the hum of the hoover...used to work for my baby girl too.

A Juanita special salad: throw everything you've got in the fridge salad drawer on a plate (if the truth be told I am a little fed up with chicken salad!)

Trying out a GF recipe from the Waitrose free paper; gram flour, pecans, ground almonds. I used dairy free sunflower spread for mine and left out the sugar (thinking a whole load of freshly squeezed lemon juice, extra ground ginger and dessicated coconut would compensate - it didn't). Pretty good for dog bicuits, I'll make them bone shaped next time.

Looking back up Steep Hill at the Cathedral trying not to think about walking back up it.

Failing to get a flock of swans in my shot as we walked along the Brayford towards Nando's. Nice fluffy clouds though.

Walking back up through the town (this is the back view of Stokes Coffee House) slowly, with full tummies. The children were in good spirits and not trying to kill each other for once. What a happy day!


  1. lovely day!
    Miss K used to be lulled to sleep by the hoover too, but my kitties are terrified of

  2. Have you seen the Intolerant Gourmet? Great food - and adaptable for whatever you are trying to avoid!