Monday, 28 May 2012

falafel and frogging...

Looking at these latest offerings from Chez Juanita I am reminded of that saying 'do not judge a book by its cover'! They don't look at all appealing but they taste great.

I first tried falafel courtesy of my brother's girlfriend who is from Bulgaria. I am so glad I did try them, they are delicious, but I had no idea what they were made from until now...

The recipe is from the brilliant blog 'The Intolerant Gourmet' which you can find in my 'blogs I love' list. It's good old chick peas again!

Actually I should own up, these were actually baked by Mr H as a peace offering. We had heated words and he made them by way of an apology. I do like this kind of apology; he's pretty good at this sort of baking. His sweetcorn fritters are so much tastier than mine too.

Meanwhile, it has just been too hot to move around much. I have been doing a few rows of my crochet vest, I've unpicked a few rows too, through lack of concentration. I blame the heat!

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