Friday, 25 May 2012

thanks mum...

There's nothing like a bit of sunshine to cheer everyone up! I popped over to see my Mum and Dad today, a half an hour drive. There's a scenic route which I love. Several slight hills that can be seen, but mainly just fields of rape against fields of bright green.

We had a lovely salad lunch, then strawberries afterwards. I got the dry ends of my hair chopped off, then we sat on a swinging hammock seat and chatted, and caught up with things.

We casually loaded up a sofa-bed into my jeep and off I trundled back home. The sofa bed is a small leather one, ideal for a growing boy who still has sleepovers sometimes but mainly needed something his friends could sit on when they come over to play computer games. J is pleased as punch. I've promised him a coffee table next - he wants to have his breakfast sitting on the new sofa! It'll be waitress service next!

I came home with a big bunch of lilac blooms from Mum's garden. I much prefer something trimmed from a garden to commercially sold flowers. If we don't have any flowers, a few stems of anything leafy will do me. These smell gorgeous!

It was a lovely day. Thanks Mum!

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