Tuesday, 29 May 2012

taking it easy...

It's been another long hard day for the animals. It's hard to move a sleeping cat from your favourite chair when they look this cute (actually this is the only time I find her cute, when she's asleep).

Talking of sleep, this is an unusual sight so early in the day. I took this photo at about 11am or so... we went for an early morning walk and Harvey did his usual trick of running ahead by about half a mile then taking a short cut diagonally across the field back towards me. This morning he decided to break with routine and run through a further field, so far ahead he was completely out of sight. I wasn't too worried though, he's a faithful hound. When he eventually came back his tongue was virtually dragging in the ground. Pretty.

This project is now looking like a pattern instead of a series of odd shaped holes and random rows. I've never crocheted a garment before so I am a bit dubious about the result, and whether I can complete it successfully. I keep telling myself that no matter what the outcome at least I am enjoying the challenge!

I could sit and crochet with this lovely yarn and pattern for hours but unfortunately had an appointment with the hoover today. It was long overdue, especially since our double doors to the deck and garden have been permanently open for days allowing the dog to bring in twigs (to chew up), leaves, sticky buds, long lost dog toys dredged from the beck... oh the joys of having a dog!

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  1. cats can sleep in such funny position can't they. love how your's has black pads on the white paws, my kitties have pink pads on their ginger and white paws.