Monday, 21 May 2012

man flu...

*E* changes the colour of her toenails more often than some people have hot dinners. Today, they are a gorgeous shade of blue. I discovered this when I pursuaded her to sample the softness of the new rug. Ironically she also loves socks, so much of the toe painting kinda goes to waste if you ask me.

We have serious flu going on in this house... MAN FLU! Oh boy. There's also woman flu but that is secondary and still enables 'woman' to function ie. three loads of washing, ditto dishwasher, hoover, dog walking (it was short today), mum's taxi service and evening meal.

Mind you, there is an upside. I could choose whether to have the tv on or off and I could actually hold the remote in my hand. These are rare events for 'woman'. The TV remained off until it was time for a documentary I wanted to see. 'Documentary' is not an experience 'man' enjoys. Sport and murder are his preferred tv viewing subjects.

'Woman' is having an early night, so apologies for short, uninteresting post!

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