Wednesday, 30 May 2012


I felt like a mobile gardening and house maintenance service today as I loaded up my jeep with a petrol mower, tools, bin liners, paint, etc. I drove Mr H so he could rest his sore hip joint. We let out a property I used to live in because it isn't a very good time to sell. It's a pain in the neck when tenants move out, lots to put right.

Mr H mowed the lawns while I got rid of two foot high nettles and thistles. There was a spot of painting to do, curtains to hang, new light shades, rubbish to deal with, a blocked drain to clear... you get the idea.

After a quick freshen up with a bottle of soap we stopped off at this new little cafe in the same village, and we were pleasantly surprised. The cupcakes looked fabulous but sadly I just don't cut it as a photographer and didn't feel like explaining that I would like to take a picture for my blog! This photo does the place no justice at all. The decor was lovely and there were lots of clever quotations on signs and blocks for sale.

After that stop off it was back on the Roman road back home (for Roman read 'long, straight and monotonous!'). We had lightning quick showers and with clean clothes went to pick up *J* who had a Rounders Tournament today. Ahem, ex rounders captain for many years running... it was all I could do to stop myself shouting out the rules! I couldn't believe it when they ran inside the posts! Miraculously they won.

So happy to have a sport spectating day off tomorrow! I have this to deal with...

When I say 'deal with' I mean turn into 8 metres of bunting by Sunday morning for the Cricket Club BBQ stand. Thank you Mr H for volunteering my services not quite understanding the tetchy relationship I have with my sewing machine. Bobbins I find, are particularly unfriendly. I'll plug it in tomorrow morning and take deep breaths!


  1. happy bunting making, I'm sure you'll do fine.

  2. Oh no! I have just walked the dog around the village and discovered that someone has made double sided, seamed triangles on their bunting! Beyond my skill and patience levels! Oh well, better than paper bunting from the pound shop! :o)