Sunday, 27 May 2012

worn out...

We mixed business with pleasure today and after seeing a man about a house we headed over to Barton Upon Humber (you can see the Humber Bridge in the background) to the Ropewalk - a gallery, shop, cafe... in other words, 'right up my street'.

The children weren't too impressed with the current exhibitions, and I must confess I have seen more thought provoking paintings. The garden was looking good though, especially since the last time I came was in the middle of winter.

I'd quite like our garden to look like this one but I think we'd end up making it look more like a scrap yard than an arty garden.

We might get away with a pebble mosaic though...

Yesterday I used the drive home from the seaside to reflect how nice it was to just feel worn out and tired on the way home, rather than worn out and tired before we even get wherever we're going, which used to be the case for me. Though I must admit I was a bit tired before we set off for North Lincolnshire this morning, so maybe a day of rest after a full day of activity is wise, for now.

I do feel like a new person having been on the new food regime for over a month now. I've cut out gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar. It's not always easy, like today when the kids had chicken salad wraps, with a chocolate brownie and flapjack to follow. Mr H had a delicious smelling panini. I wandered off while they had their desserts, and had nuts on the way home. Not quite the same but better than continuing to make myself ill.

We chilled out this afternoon, and it was nice to have J around too, indoor games of the Playstation variety are banned when the sun is shining!

He's very hard to beat at Connect 4, and he also emerged a champion at Quoits too. Little rascal.

So once I had been thoroughly beaten at both, I made a start on my 'summery crochet'. This bamboo yarn is quite nice to work with and not as 'splitty' as I thought it would be. The pattern for the 'vest' is a four row repeat and easy to remember. I'm actually enjoying crochet again. (I must confess to getting totally bored with hexagons).

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too. J x

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