Saturday, 12 May 2012

a crochet fix...

Thought the crochet fans amongst you would like a peep at my latest 'acquisition'. I probably should have started a project like this way back in January so I could be wearing one of these light and airy garments round about now... but crochet is so much quicker than knitting right?

I swore I would never crochet clothing items. I think I may have said that about knitted jumpers too and I have knitted a fair few of those. It's obviously something I need to try and get out of my system.

Note to Patons Graphic Designers; using Brushstroke typeface (yuk) in white on a busy background is not user-friendly (see bottom right on my photo). Had you slipped in a 50% tint behind the text and used a darker colour to print 'knit and crochet' it would have been much more visible.

So I have a pattern booklet with not 12 crochet patterns as I was expecting but only 5. Since I can also knit I'm not too disappointed, though I can't imagine picking up the needles and knitting a garment in DK anytime soon.

Just to make up for my scathing comments to Patons (lol), here are a few details in case you're tempted by the cover photo too...

The book is Patons Book No 3800
There are 12 styles from size XXS to XL
Five crochet patterns as follows: Lace top or vest (2 patterns), short sleeve top, top worked in rounds, edge to edge vest
Seven knitting patterns as follows: Fitted lace yoke sweater, rib lace vest or cardigan (2 patterns), lace cardigan or tunic (2 patterns), fitted sweater, sweater worked sideways
Note: when Patons say 'vest' they mean 'waistcoat'
Easy to Intermediate skill levels
They all use Mirage DK which is 50% bamboo and 50% cotton and comes in 50g balls. It has a long colour change effect and there are 6 colourways to choose from: exotic, bright blue mix, soft pink mix, purple mix, soft blue mix and jamaica mix
(my pic shows ten balls of soft blue mix)

I'm most tempted to make the top in rounds but the lace vest is in the running too. Decisions decisions.

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