Wednesday, 9 May 2012

first match of the season...

Hooray! A match was played at last... Matches cancelled: at least 5, matches played: 1. My boy is happy. He took a cracking wicket and bowled a maiden over. Not bad since he only bowled two overs (an U11 club match). Rubbish photo I'm afraid. Child protection and all that... I didn't zoom in for that reason and the light was beginning to go. J is the lanky one who appears to be all legs, just left of the boy bending down.

It was a gloriously sunny evening but soon began to get chilly. E, who always moans about coming with us, enjoyed a two hour session on the swings with her headphones on. She said it was soooo relaxing. I shall shove her out of the back door towards our own garden swing next time she needs to chill out.

On another note, I've decided that posting every few days just doesn't feel right to me. I like the rhythm of posting daily. So I shall endeavour to post daily once more.

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