Friday, 18 May 2012

definitely a rug...

Oops, this is going so much slower now! The first rows just whizz by with all the adrenalin of starting off a new pattern, then it just slumps into monotony (or maybe my concentration span needs working on).

In it's favour is the softness of the yarn, the way it is eating up my plain acrylic yarn supply and how easy it is to repeat the pattern. A really warm, thick, fabric is being created and I've decided it would be best underfoot, so a rug it will be!

It was lucky I did a foundation row just the right length for the distance between our two sofa's. I'll continue until it reaches the same length as the distance between each foot, and I'll leave the zig zag edges as they are without squaring them off. Easy peasy.

Wishing you all a happy sunny weekend. J x

(I'm hoping to get further on with my herb garden if it ever stops raining!)


  1. absolutely lovely! regards, colette

  2. I love the colours - I'm planning a ripple blanket as my next project too.

    1. You can't beat a good ripple! J ;-)