Wednesday, 23 May 2012

full time spectator...

I've been a sport spectator all day today... we tend not to say 'soccor mom' in the UK but today I have been a Tag Rugby Mum and a Cricket Mother. Mr H and I transported some of the Tag Rugby team to a tournament because every now and then we feel we should do our bit. It turned out to be an enjoyable day. I'm still a bit fuzzy on the rules but that didn't seem to matter as the teenage referees were a bit hazy too.

We came second which was pretty good when you consider that the winners had regular Rugby players and were extremely tall and well built for their age. I was quite surprised to see 11 year old kids taller than J, who is a mere 5'3".

We came home, refilled the flasks, washed out the travel mugs, dunked J in the bath, fed him and off we went again to an U15s cricket match, which we won comfortably. By then it was a pleasant sunny evening. No need for a thick poncho!

Absolutely nothing to do with the photo above I grant you! Well, there are no publishable photo's from today's activities, and J wasn't keen on having his bubble bath mohican pic used either despite the fact that he asked for it to be taken for posterity.

So, I thought I would share with you one of my more useful craft projects. These mosaic coasters are the perfect starter project if you fancy having a go at mosaic. They use vitreous glass tiles which you can get quite cheaply in limited colours in bathroom tile shops. I used grey tile adhesive and grey grout, both from a DIY store (the powder kind you mix with water as and when you need it). The mosaic itself was adhered to existing plain slate coasters, but you could use primed mdf squares. These require little or no tile snipping which means you could try it out before investing in tile nippers.

Along with throwing pots on a wheel, making mosaics is another activity where time just whizzes by. The kids are fond of reminding me that when my potters wheel was new (and they were considerably younger) they once had to ask to be fed... I was mildly irritated that it was lunch time already and when I looked at the time it was actually half past five - we'd gone way past lunch time, poor things!

Now all I need is a day without any sport to spectate and you'll know where to find me... in my shed!

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