Wednesday, 16 May 2012

on my sofa tonight...

I've been out all day (visiting a really vibrant, 'happening' little market town). I came home briefly to make up the flasks of tea and coffee for this evening's cricket match and I've spent another couple of hours on the boundary line freezing my socks off...

...but tonight I'm not complaining, I warmed up with a hot bath and I'm now sitting on the sofa with Hugh (he arrived in the post this morning).

I've put up with Mr H watching all the celebrity chefs on TV at every available opportunity for years, and now it looks like I might just be joining him. I've liked Hugh F-W's style since he first did a programme about foraging - he had a fantastic Land Rover all kitted out for open air cooking (I like that kind of thing!). The book, at first glance, looks brilliant (it's over 400 pages!). I can't wait to expand my repertoire with Hugh's help!

My man made dinner this evening, one of my favourites; a spinach and pepper fritatta. He's very good with eggs is Mr H.

More yarn talk tomorrow!


  1. Mr Driftwood just bought me Veg from a book table at work. so far I've made Spouffle and my spinach hating children had thirds!

    and I'm gutted that your poncho won't have tassels. I love tassels. and I liked that hat!

  2. That man is a keeper! Mind you, you're a better wife than me if you made that Spouffle! Dubious taste in fashion though!