Thursday, 17 May 2012

a good yarn...

The books are a recent indulgence that just happened to fall into my 'shopping cart' when I ordered the 'Veg' book! I always read Orange Prize shortlisted novels so this year it made sense to get the whole shortlist on offer with The Book People. At £20 for six titles it's probably cheaper than buying them for my Kindle.

I picked up this rustic little studio pottery vase yesterday when Mr H and I visited that lovely little market town I mentioned. Butterflies don't usually catch my eye but I liked the wedgewood blue colour and the oatmeal background. It looks like it would make a good utensil pot but it's holding a few knitting needles at the moment.

Talking of knitting needles... I haven't knitted for quite a while but I've dug out (with much effort) a bundle of superchunky charcoal yarn (7 balls) and a Sirdar pattern for a poncho. I've had this for a while but had completely and utterly forgotten about it until the cricket match at the weekend when we were frozen despite having jumpers, coats and blankets! I suggested that a poncho would be an ideal garment because it would be like wearing a blanket instead of huddling underneath one (looking like an idiot!).

If you're conjuring up thoughts of lacy, 70s style ponchos with big fringes, fear not...

*E* said she wouldn't be embarrassed if I wore one of these as long as I promised not to get the hat too! Aw, spoilsport! It would have been nice in the Indie yarn but it worked out at over £50, so I'm happy with my Stylecraft superchunky which cost less than half of that. I just hope I can remember how to knit!

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