Tuesday, 22 May 2012

just call me flo...

While I was tucking into blueberries on a gram flour pancake with natural yoghurt poor Mr H was holding an ice pack to his cheek. Turns out that the man flu was actually a tooth abscess. He was taking strong painkillers for his hip which we think masked the toothache somewhat. Poor thing looks like a lop-sided hamster.

So I have been in nurse mode all day, changing ice packs, making tea (with a straw) etc. We did manage a lovely drive through the countryside to an organic farm cafe where we had gf soup and picked up some gf shopping; I was impressed that there was a lot to choose from. I came home with some chicken sausages made using organic chicken, sage and thyme with no other rubbish included. I was a bit dubious but they were delicious and the kids had a bite too - they approve. Happy days; another food item I can eat.

In between nursing duties, laundry, lunch and tidying up I did manage to sit still and do a little knitting, yes knitting for a change. Well I cast on for my poncho which suddenly seems daft in this minor heatwave, but this is the UK and heatwaves don't last long. A fact which Harvey clearly appreciates... he was so happy that we had 'come out to play' for most of the day. He ran up and down the garden bringing all the loose twigs and branches he could find which was an enormous help prior to mowing the lawn.

Those of you who 'garden' more successfully than we do, yes that is 3 foot high cow parsely in our garden; it grows along the top of the bank, just before it drops down to the stream. I quite like it, it's a sort of 'natural fence'. Nothing really keeps a Springer fenced in so we didn't bother to replace what blew down along this side. One of the Springers I used to have, Bertie, could scale a six foot fence panel with little effort.

I'm going to watch a Tag Rugby tournament tomorrow. I have absolutely no idea of the rules of Rugby let alone Tag Rugby. A quick google came up with 31 pages of rules so I am none the wiser. Life is too short to be reading that many rules, so I shall watch and learn. I would rather be watching cricket!

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  1. oh dear, hope Mr H gets some treatment for that abscess soon, sounds miserable. enjoy the rugy, at least it should be pleasant evening to sit out! x