Friday, 3 February 2012


My hexagons are on hold! I want the blanket finished sooner rather than later, so I'm doing extra rows per day. I got to about 14 colours and was sorely tempted to repeat all 14 in the same order until the blanket was the right size. Thankfully I resisted because the random look would be so much nicer on this occasion.

The last two rows were completed sitting in the car, with an insulated mug of tea, the gentle aroma of horse manure wafting in through the heating vents and soft white flakes of snow landing silently on the windscreen. I really don't mind being 'Mum's Taxi' when I take along a bit of crochet!

Meanwhile, 'sick dog' has had a good run of days after his second fit at the weekend. He's a fighter. 'Limping cat' is just taking the biscuit, literally. I'm having to take food and water to her bed while she 'rests' all day long.

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