Thursday, 16 February 2012

to dye for...

I know these tie dye throws aren't exactly rare, but the detail on this one amazes me. I've dabbled in tie dye at several stages of my life but never managed to come up with anything this clever. I'm thinking this was possibly done by sewing the design in place first? If anyone knows more I'd be interested to hear.

This fantastic throw/table cloth (whatever!) was a charity shop find yesterday. A bargain at £3. I don't have hoards of throws, table cloths or textiles in general so this will no doubt be a multi-use favourite. I'm not really a colour junky but I do get enthusiastic about indigo. It reminds me of jeans and the blue-black ink I used to use at school and still load my letter writing ink pen with.

One more photo? Oh OK, if you insist!

Making a mental note to have some fun in my summerhouse/craft workshop this summer with a tub of indigo dye and a pile of white t shirts!


  1. It is possible string was used. I haven't tried that method myself but I would like to.

  2. It's really fine work if it was all tied up with string. I've only ever done the usual circles and rubber band designs! This throw makes me feel like being much more adventurous! It's so cheap to do as well :o)