Tuesday, 28 February 2012

gathering momentum...

It's a good feeling when your stash comes up with the goods - it eases the guilt of having purchased wool on a whim on far too many occasions! I had three huge balls of aran weight wool in natural, deep red and denim blue. I have no idea what I had in mind when I bought them; they probably just seemed like a good buy at the time and I've learnt that buying the odd ball or just a couple of 100g balls can be very limiting.

At the bottom of the basket of aran weight wool was quite a bit of a pale textured grey and a textured brown, so altogether I have roughly the colours I was aiming for (see previous post) and plenty for a one person sized blanket - these are the most used round here.

I would never have put brown with red normally but I've seen it done in textiles and it seems to work. It was tempting to go and buy a nice dark denim blue for contrast but I think I'll try and stick with this palette as it is.

On the subject of 'trying' I am persevering with a design I've not tried before.

All will be revealed tomorrow when hopefully I'll have something worth photographing!

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