Friday, 17 February 2012

the year of the cushions...

As always, the multitude of alternatives creep into my mind when I start putting something together. I like the simplicity of these squares. It feels like a project I'd take on holiday just to dabble with when I got crochet withdrawal symptoms!

2012 looks set to be 'the year of the cushions'. For a former knitter and now keen crocheter I was slow to realise that the answer to my cushion dilemma lay with my yarn and hooks! Like most things in our house, we have an eclectic collection of cushions that do not have a common theme.

Mr H does not understand the need to harmonise the collection of cushions but nonetheless did not bat an eyelid when he came home to find all the covers removed and the inners piled high beside the sofa. Two big comfy covers were lining the dog bed (Harvey was very happy with them), several were off to the charity shop and some ended up in the bin. It was very liberating and now I have at least a dozen cushion covers to crochet. Happy days!

ps. send me your favourite quick and easy cushion links! I've just realised that cushions are pillows in the States. PIllows here are the ones on your bed. Slightly confusing.


  1. I love the colours of your crochet squares. I find a good site for free patterns is

    1. Thanks! The aim is to have a big pile of cushions in blues and naturals to remind me of the sea. I've had a look at the link and found several cushion patterns I like, so thank you for that. J :o)