Sunday, 12 February 2012

easy like sunday morning...

I've tackled all kinds of squares since I learnt the basics of crochet, but until this morning I hadn't tried this simple design. I love it for it's simplicity and lack of colour changing between rounds. 25 quick squares will fit a cushion that needs a new look.

These are my favourite colours and full of texture, mainly by Stylecraft - mixtures blue haze, denim nepp, mixtures denim, barley marl, pebble nepp and the ecru is an unimaginative brand with only a number.

It was an easy Sunday morning, with Harvey never very far away...

While I'm on the subject of cushions, I've decided that a fabric back to this cushion is a cop-out. It seems easier to attach two pieces of crochet together and insert a cushion pad before closing up than getting the sewing machine out and trying to figure out zips, buttons or some kind of closing mechanism.


  1. Lovely colours! I bought my first lot of Stylecraft DK from the UK and was very excited when it arrived. I had heard so many people talk about using it and now I have made my first blanket with it.
    I too have an ever faithful four legged friend usually sitting on my foot!!

    1. Hi Anny,
      Yes I noticed lots of overseas people were talking about this brand. They do have a fabulous colour range and are very affordable. A finished blanket sounds impressive. I'm flagging on my lap size blanket already. Two striped a day seems awful slow! Dogs are such good crochet partners aren't they?

  2. oh so lovely. like the colours of the coast.
    Harvey looks like an easier crochet companion that my cat, who likes to play with the hook....
    oh and hurray for facetime!

    1. that was the idea - pebbles, the sea, the moody skies; once you've grown up by the sea it's hard to live inland! oo yes, cats and wool - it's a cliche but some do like to play, like yours - luckily ours is only interested in me when I'm sitting doing nothing - which is pretty much never. She likes undivided attention. Such a diva!
      FaceTime - what a revelation. MrH is half an hour away today, at J's cricket training and we can now chat anytime we like - is that a good thing I'm wondering?