Sunday, 19 February 2012

colourful language...

I bought this book and this yarn yesterday and once home noticed how coordinated they were. I must be feeling distinctly blue and green at the moment. Blue about recent events and green as in 'new' to all this technology (I have yet to tackle twitter, RSS feeds, backing up my blog, turning off predictive text on my ipod...)

I didn't give colour too much thought until I started knitting. Crochet makes me think even more about colour. Blogging takes thoughts of colour to a whole new level!

Can you tell I've been playing with more photo apps? This is my 'teal' mosaic.

Having painted most of the last two houses in shades called hessian and calico I surprised everyone by choosing a deep teal colour for one wall of our dining room (it's pictured at the bottom of this post). I find it an uplifting sight.

Talking of which, our garden is littered with snowdrops and crocuses all at their glorious best. I'd have a nice photo for you but I've had a minor incident this afternoon which has driven me back inside and on to my netbook with my feet up instead of outside enjoying the sunshine and watching the dog training for the Olympic swimming team in the beck alongside our long narrow garden.

Note to self; when kicking an old football in the field for the dog to fetch beware of small, camouflaged tree stumps. It hurts when you kick them.

(I managed not to use any colourful language or turn the air blue)

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