Tuesday, 7 February 2012

living in the clouds...

I've always been fascinated by treehouses. Despite having a huge garden and plenty of mature trees we never did get round to having one when we were kids (we had plenty of ground level 'den's instead!). I dreamed of one day living in a treehouse. I'd still gladly live in one if the opportunity arose.

So I was really chuffed to find a 2012 treehouse calender with fabulous colour photo's of totally awesome treehouses. Here's January:

...and February:

This book is a good read if you like this sort of thing: The Treehouse Diaries by Nick Weston.


  1. what fun. my children love nothing better than to go and play on the rope bridges at the Alnwick Treehouse. makes me feel very ill.......

    1. oo yes, that's another reason we'll have to go back to Alnwick - we ran out of time to visit the famous treehouse last time we were there. lucky you having that nearby!